An On-Time Stump Removal Service

One of the tag lines we use to describe the uniqueness of ESG Professional Stump Grinding is ‘Safe, Professional and On-Time’. In an industry where it is commonplace for tradies to not turn up on time and sometimes not turn up at all, how can you know that ESG Professional Stump Grinding is going to arrive ‘On-Time’? Three things drive this dimension of our company from the top down. Core Values - One of my personal core values is to always be early. I describe it as a core value [...]

What Does It Cost To Get A Tree Stump Removed / Ground?

This is a complex question to answer and can make it very difficult for customers to compare quotes. It is never a matter of just knowing the size and type of the stump as there are many other surrounding factors that come into play. So let me list a number of the variables that are taken into consideration when pricing your stump removal. Factors related to the stump: Dimensions of the stump Diameter of the stump at the base (where the stump intersects with the ground) Height of the stump (how far is [...]

Why You Should Remove Old Tree Stumps

When you hire a tree removal company to get rid of a tree on your property, the majority of the time the company will remove the tree but will leave a vastly stump as a left over of the job. The question that remains after this is, do you pay to get the stump removed or just leave it? If you're having a difficult time to make the decision as to whether you keep the tree stump or pay a professional to remove it here are 5 solid reasons you should pay [...]

Who Are The Best Stump Grinders In Brisbane?

Have you ever wondered who are the best stump grinders in Brisbane, QLD, Australia? Here is the answer: ESG | Professional Stump Grinding = Brisbane's Best Stump Grinders. ESG | Professional Stump Grinding are local experts in providing stump grinding, tree stump removal and tree root removal services in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands and Scenic Rim regions. Having ground a large range of tree stumps and roots both commercially and residentially we know exactly the right steps to remove your tree stump / root effectively and efficiently. What [...]

How Can I Save Money On A Stump Grinding Job?

ESG Professional Stump Grinding are always able to carry out all work related to removing your stump safely and efficiently, but there are a number of things that a customer can do themselves if they would like to reduce the cost of removing their stumps. Clear the ground out to 1 metre around the stump (remove all rocks, objects, star pickets, etc) Make sure there is a clear pathway from where the service vehicle will park to where the stump is located. This may include removing fence panels, clearing vehicles from driveways, [...]



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